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A Social Network designed for Gamers and Virtual Media

Sign up for Captis today and join thousands of virtual content creators leveraging the power of social media built by gamers for gamers.

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Explore trending profiles, games, clips & screenshots from our discover page


Rank against other players on the global game rankings

Discover the most popular players on Captis and compete to climb the leaderboards


Upload to Captis from your Desktop

Our slick upload tool makes it easy to share incredible content no matter what platform you're on. Record, edit, and then use our uploader to share from Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Captis for E-Sports

Captis was designed with E-Sports and gaming in mind. With our up and coming Teams feature, E-Sports organizations will be able to showcase their content, set up events, and even recruit Captis users directly within the app. Show your team pride with the Captis platform.


Captis for Virtual Photography

Captis celebrates users who take breathtakingly beautiful photos in-game by giving them the flexibility to showcase their content in high resolution detail, better aspect ratios, and with deeper game metadata.


The Captis App Discord Bot

The Captis Discord Bot is tightly integrated with the Captis platform, allowing users to share and upload content, follow other users, display profiles, submit support tickets, and more! Supercharge your Discord server with the Captis bot.

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The Captis App Discord Server

Be part of the official Captis server to have direct contact with the Captis Team, 24/7 support for all things Captis, free events with Nitro prizes and meet the Captis Discord community.

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Import content from all the major platforms

We want the content creator experience to be as seamless as possible. In doing so, we’ve hooked up your favorite platforms directly onto Captis allowing you to share content fast and easily so you can get back to what you do best: making awesome content.

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